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"Name the hardest and best moments the army had to go through. List the lowest times and the highest times. <3"
asked by Anonymous


These are in no particular order. <3

Wow, this question brings on a lot of emotions and memories. I wasn’t expecting someone to ask me this.

What is crazy is how many struggles we have all overcome in just seven months.

I think one of the hardest times was when Yoongi got sick…What is so scary to think about is the fact that he could have died if he didn’t get to the hospital. Those weeks were a struggle for us all, and without the ARMY, it would have been so much harder.

But the ARMY came together as a family. We not only supported Yoongi and Bangtan…but we supported each other. We formed a strong group that was unbreakable. We talked, we shared, we cried. But we did it together.

I think the best time for the ARMY is when we all see BTS’s smiling faces. For us, it isn’t about the performance, the clothes, the looks…It’s about the feeling that we get when we see Bangtan up on stage, laughing and bouncing around like a bunch of idiots. It’s about watching all those silly Bangtan Bombs and laughing with our family.

You see, when they cry, we cry…When they hurt, we also feel that pain. Even if some of us are thousands of miles apart, we are there for each other always.

As of now, we are all going through a bit of a low drop. With the health of Jimin on our minds, all we can do is pray that he’s alright. Together as the ARMY, we send out our love to Jimin in hopes that he knows how much he really means to us.

The past few weeks have been hard for us all…

Another hard moment…Yet wonderful all the same. The accident at Gayo Daejun was a shock to us all. When Jimin fell, he honestly did hurt himself pretty badly. He had dark bruises for a week. He was so lucky he didn’t break his arm… In that moment, the whole ARMY froze. Not because we were mad about the accident…But because he was hurt yet played it out so professionally, as though the fall was meant to happen.

We cheered Jimin on louder than ever before because of that. And still, right now, I can’t help but feel so proud of him for continuing without a single grimace of pain.

Any time the ARMY hears the word diet, we get a little scared. Yes, it’s always better to eat healthy and stay in shape, but being an idol causes high amounts of stress. With that comes diets. Hardly eating, working constantly and losing so much sleep.

BTS does this constantly.

There is a picture of Namjoon, asleep on a chair with dark circles under his eyes… Some people thought it was cute, and even I admit it was adorable to see Nam asleep…But in that picture showed just how much sleep he’s been losing. He’s a kid leader. He is hardly 20, yet he’s in charge of the highest rising rookie group of 2013+

Can you even imagine the stress he goes through each day?

Yet he still has a bright smile on his face each day, because he doesn’t want us to worry for him…

I feel like the happiest moment was when won their first award. Because they did it.

We had so much faith in them…and after months of hard work, they finally did it.

And we weren’t just happy about the award…We were happy for them. Because it had been such a long time since we’d seen them smile so wide.

I don’t mean to make this text long, but the question really sparked something. It’s good to remember all the hardships we faced.

Because we overcame them together, as the ARMY…As a family.

Some don’t understand the relationship between the ARMY and BTS…But we are all so close to one another. Bangtan truly loves each one of us, even if they don’t know us, they love us unconditionally.

You don’t see that often…

And as long as they are there for us, we are there for them…Forever.

So, let’s continue to ride this roller coaster. Even when bad things happen, good will always find it’s way into the light.


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